Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our First Born Turns 11yrs.Old!

I can't believe Carson is 11yrs.old. His Birthday was June 5th. When Jeff and I first got married we knew that we wanted children right away and a few months into our marriage, I was pregnant! My pregnancy went well. Of course, the labor was not pleasent don't know of any woman that enjoys that part of it, but let me say that the outcome has been a joy!!! When Carson was born, he weighed 9lb.3oz. and was 21 1/2" long. He was an adorable baby. He had lots of dark hair which came past his little ears. He was a special gift from God. Carson is pretty much like all boys who loves to do boy things. Carson is our social butterfly (hope that does not sound to girly). He loves his friends, he enjoys being around people. He is a happy kid. He has filled our house with so much fun! He loves to laugh and joke around. Even though he is still young, I can see where he could be a great leader as well as a good follower. Just so he leads or follows in the right way! Those of you that know him know what I'm saying that he is a little dramatic, but that's ok because God has made him the special boy he wants him to be! I know that I am pointing out the good things and may I say it has not been a bed of roses. Parenting is a huge responsibilty. We are so thankful for the opportunity God has placed upon Jeff and I!!!!! God has given us a sweet treasure!!!!!!!