Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Puppy Training

A few years ago Carson decided he wanted pet birds. We decided to buy them for him as a Christmas gift. He was thrilled but as time went on the new wore off and we realized that they were to much for us they were loud, messy and quite frankly Carson was not liking the responsability that came with it. He did not want to give them up for the longest time. Finally the time had come. He was ready! Jeff took them by his self to the pet store that had agreed to take them. Everything was good! To make the story shorter, when he gets home let me just say he was not alone. He had a sweet little pugapoo puppy,and we had to decide over night if we were to keep him or not ,yes you guessed it he has a home. We have had him for a few months now. We have had the hardest time house training him. He seems to be a smart dog. We have punished this poor puppy so many times. He has made us so angry!!!! I'm some what of a clean freak. that does not help. As I think about it. I know God gets angry at us when we have displeased him. The scripture says His anger last a moment but His favor last a life time. He is angry but does not stay that way instead he pours out his unconditional love on us. He shows us grace,mercy and forgivness. As a human it is hard for me to let things go. I somtimes dwell on things it may be because my child has done something that I have been displeased over. I will continue to talk with him about what he has done to where it continues to make me even more upset in those moments I could be thinking of the positives and the progress that we have already made with him.Of course we do have to train and punish at times. I just don't need to drag it out the way I do. Or I think about Christians who have a hard time of letting God work on the new believers. Sometimes they dwell on things that they feel they should be improving on or where they should be in there faith, Not seeing the change that God has already done in there life. I guess what I'm saying is I have a long way to go God is not finished with me yet. I'm thankful for the teaching moments,and yes as funny as it may be I need to ease up on the anger and have more forgivness even to our little Ollie and understand that yes he is a puppy,yes he is going to potty on the floor,and even chew on things,but he will learn. Hopfully through all this he will be the best dog ever.I don't claim to be a writer, but hopfully you can get something out of this post!!! Enjoy

Sunday, April 27, 2008

To Miami And Back Part One.......

Well, even though I have not blogged for a few weeks we are still among the living. May I say we have had quite an interesting few weeks. There has been a lot that has happened. I will start with the "not so great" first. It started with Jeff, who threw his back out picking up our 15 lb. pugapoo puppy. He was really in severe pain from it to the point of tears. I'm thankful it was not any worse. Then, the t-bar to our spetic leading to our house got clogged and our pipes were backing up. This all happened right before we left for Miami FL. Our sweet baby Bensen burned his finger pretty bad when he grabbed my hair straightener. It was a nasty burn and, of course, I felt so bad that it happened. Thankfully it was not any worse. What else? Oh yeah, back to the Miami trip. We had a scare on the plane once again I'm so Thankful the Lord was watching over His children. God has been so good to us! I'm thankful that I know who to turn to in moment of need. I'm glad I can call on Jesus anywhere anytime, even at 30,000 feet. He is so faithful. Nicole Mullins has a song It goes something like "When I call on Jesus" all things are possible that is so true!!! So to the good stuff. Like I said we went to Miami recently with Jeff. He has recently started reping a guitar Luither and so he was there for a guitar show. Jeff's day job is in sales so he travels at times for that. While he travels for his job he also has time to spare and so he has put his time to good use. He shows the builders guitar which is a very gorgeous instrument. It has been a really cool thing. It is more for fun I will talk about that later. The kids and I were able to spend time on the beach together. We did not do much but it was a very much needed get away. It was Bensen's first time to the beach and he loved it! The water was beautiful! To look out over the water and see God's mighty handy work. It truly is amazing!!!! He's amazing!!!!!!! Enjoy the pics:)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Weekend!

I think spring is here. We had a very nice weekend the weather was very pretty. We were able to clean our garage,clean out car's that kind of thing. I love those type of weekends. Carson had two soccer games. His team won both games they played. It is always a good day at our house win Carson can say his team won:) If not we have one unhappy sport on our hands. Carson plays to win!!! Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Here are some pictures from Easter Sunday. I took these pics later in the day. Jeff and I were on the worship team that morning. We are to be at church around 7:00 a.m. to pratice. So it makes for a really early morning if we both are on the team. Carson's hair is a little shaggy due to his hair stylist being out the week before of all times:( Oh well, he's still a cutie!!!!! Enjoy

Busy Days!!!!

Well, the days around our house have been very busy. Carson has started his practice season for soccer he has actually been scheduled for some games. Because of all the rainy weather, those have had to be cancelled. Last week was spring break! It is always nice having him home during the day. I've been trying to go through drawers and boxes so I can have a yard sale. I'm so ready for summer. I feel really bad because I did not post anything for Easter. We had a very nice service at our church. I had my parents and grandparents for dinner which is always good to have them. When they come for dinner they usually stay till their Sunday night service. We live closer to their church than they do so it is always a treat to have them most of the day!!! I do have pics of the boys I will try to post those soon:) By the way, those of you that view my blog, our Hatchet boys won the State Championship!!!! Great job boys! Have a great week!

P.S.Today is my Grandma Sneed's birthday and Grandpa's was Easter Sunday! Happy Birthday to you both!!!!!