Sunday, April 27, 2008

To Miami And Back Part One.......

Well, even though I have not blogged for a few weeks we are still among the living. May I say we have had quite an interesting few weeks. There has been a lot that has happened. I will start with the "not so great" first. It started with Jeff, who threw his back out picking up our 15 lb. pugapoo puppy. He was really in severe pain from it to the point of tears. I'm thankful it was not any worse. Then, the t-bar to our spetic leading to our house got clogged and our pipes were backing up. This all happened right before we left for Miami FL. Our sweet baby Bensen burned his finger pretty bad when he grabbed my hair straightener. It was a nasty burn and, of course, I felt so bad that it happened. Thankfully it was not any worse. What else? Oh yeah, back to the Miami trip. We had a scare on the plane once again I'm so Thankful the Lord was watching over His children. God has been so good to us! I'm thankful that I know who to turn to in moment of need. I'm glad I can call on Jesus anywhere anytime, even at 30,000 feet. He is so faithful. Nicole Mullins has a song It goes something like "When I call on Jesus" all things are possible that is so true!!! So to the good stuff. Like I said we went to Miami recently with Jeff. He has recently started reping a guitar Luither and so he was there for a guitar show. Jeff's day job is in sales so he travels at times for that. While he travels for his job he also has time to spare and so he has put his time to good use. He shows the builders guitar which is a very gorgeous instrument. It has been a really cool thing. It is more for fun I will talk about that later. The kids and I were able to spend time on the beach together. We did not do much but it was a very much needed get away. It was Bensen's first time to the beach and he loved it! The water was beautiful! To look out over the water and see God's mighty handy work. It truly is amazing!!!! He's amazing!!!!!!! Enjoy the pics:)

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